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Heading West!

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For the sake of documenting, and because a whopping two people asked, I’m going to be sharing a bit about our recent adventure from Minnesota to California. 


People in Minnesota have given me a hard time for leaving during the summer because we’re supposedly missing the best season, but I disagree. I will gladly take a hot California day over a sticky, humid Minnesota day. We usually fly out to visit my parents in Los Angeles. Seeing as this year our youngest is now old enough to require his own seat on a plane, we did the math and figured that while it would cost a smidge more to drive out. We opted for the road trip route instead. Then we decided that not only would we be driving our way west, we also wanted to camp our way there! My husband was the only one of us who had done any camping, and while I have family members who are avid campers, I had never done it myself. 


Our good friends did a big road trip from Minnesota to California and back again last summer, and after months of pestering Susanna,  she finally wrote out a series of posts about the trip. You should definitely read her blog posts on the subject because they’re loaded with info about things your need, and routines that make camping and driving with kids smoother, along with lovely journal entries about their travels. 

I also found these posts (here and here) on The Art of Simple really helpful and inspiring. Side note, I recently contributed to The Art of Simple and you can check that out here


Some general thoughts about road trips with kids. While we did drive a total of eighteen hours to Texas and back this past Thanksgiving, we did it in two days. That’s a lot of driving in one day for three little people, and really two big people as well. On that trip, time was of the essence, so we really didn’t see much and booked it to our destination. So we loaded up the car with books and coloring stuff, and we brought an Ipad for the kids to play with as well as ours that had a few movies on it. This time we did bring ours, but it never made an appearance. Our trip this summer was unintentionally screen free, because I ran out of time to charge the ipad. I think it helped that we had shorter driving days. I’ll also be sharing a post about how we kept the kids entertained. If you’re flying, I’ve written a post about things that have helped us maintain our sanity here

Our travels spanned several days, so I’ll be breaking up the trip into several posts. But all in all, I can easily say that we loved camping and driving with our kids. We fully intend on doing more trips both east and west of Minnesota.