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A Disney Day

Jacqui Skemp1 Comment
This past Monday we took Iggy to Disneyland for the first time. I grew up going to Disneyland for birthdays and later I had an annual pass. I love Disneyland. I know it's expensive and crazy, but I just can't quit you, Disneyland.

It was especially fun to watch my parents with Iggy. My mom got to take her siblings and parents for their first time many moons ago. And then she took my brother and I for our first visits. I get it. It was so special to see his little eyes light up.

Here we are getting sunburned in line for It's a Small World.

He loved seeing the "twutles" in the sky. 

Then we went to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride. This is the face of a child who is so confused that he can hear his favorite Pooh songs, but can't see the movie.

The ride was not a hit (probs a little too scary still), but the after show was the best. I really, really, really wanted to get him a stuffed Pooh Bear, but he opted for Tigger. Fiiiiiiiiine. 

He was super excited to meet Tigger until we got up close.

He was a little nervous.

Archie was pretty happy to go on his first ride: stroller. 

Iggy took a three hour nap, and then we hit up some evening rides. Dumbo, Tea Cups and the carousel.

Archie be like "I came to Disneyland and all I got was a picture with a bunch of balloons"

Jk. Grandma got him a rattle.

Iggy got to ride this about 10,000 times. 

A short break to snuggle with momma, and then back to the ride. 

We actually stayed until closing. Here we are leaving the park with sore feet, Mickey ears, sticky churro faces, and a bunch of sweet memories.