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The Hospital Bag Post

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Ah, here we go. The post that only preggos and other preggos will love.

I enjoy reading posts about what people have packed in their hospital bags, especially those of the second-time-around variety. I have spent an unhealthy amount of time scouring Pinterest for posts about this glorious subject- just ask my husband. He loves that soft glow of the phone as he's drifting off to sleep.

{tangent- he'll be super sweet and ask me to turn off the phone because I need to get some sleep and I quickly reply with something that sounds like:
Or maybe a little more like "Lay off me I'm pregnant" but starving works too}

Anyway, Grace has written about this subject here, and Nell's written about it here. And I know there are a million other great ones out there. 

Just for a little background, if you've read my blog before you already know that Iggy was born early. 36 weeks and 1 day to be exact. The day before he was born I dragged my pregnant self into my clinic for the 36 week prenatal check up. I was not dilated, but I was fifty percent effaced, and my ob assured me that I would not be making it to my due date. After my appointment I went to Target and picked up several travel sized toiletries. I had a few hours before I had to head into work, so I sat on the couch, watched Call the Midwife, packed the toiletry bag and painted my toenails. 

That was the extent of my packing. 

The next day when my water broke we rushed home from the hospital where we were visiting our godson, and scrambled to pack a bag before we had to head over to our hospital. I'm actually kind of impressed with what we managed to get into the duffle bag. In my crazed frenzy, and in between yelling "where are my yoga pants?!" I managed to collect my hair dryer, straightener, make-up bag, robe and night gown, a onesie for Iggy, and the oh-so-important yoga pants. I also remembered to grab the Boppy Pillow, which is good because those hospital pillows were terrible. 

We only live three minutes from the hospital so Ian was able to run back home a few hours after the birth to get a change of clothes for himself. 

Okay, and now for the real crazy. I'm an over-packer, so try not to judge too hard. Here's what's in my hospital bag:

1. Black sports bra - I'm hoping for a water birth, but if I don't get that I'm still hoping I'll get to labor in the tub. Last time I had to wear the shirt I walked in with, and because I was hooked up to an IV I wasn't able to take off the super icky wet top for a while. So while modesty seems to mostly go out the window for me, for the sake of my vain self (and the photos I want taken) I hope to at least have this on while I labor. 

2. Robe and night gown - I'm interested in getting a new robe since mine are at least two years old and showing it. I had a set similar to this one that I wore in the hospital last time. I absolutely detest sleeping in pants. So I spent my two days in the hospital wearing my nursing night gown and robe. I didn't hate the gowns the hospital provided, but it was nice to wear something a little prettier. 

3. Nursing Bra - I didn't really use this in the hospital, but I did wear it home. Since I'm hoping to have close to zero visitors in the hospital this go around, I'm thinking I'll spend most of the time in a robe and nursing bra. I also have and liked this one.

4. Toiletry bag and Makeup bag - I bring all the things with. I always have my make up essentials in a makeup bag, so that will be a last minute toss in item. I have a few extra tubes of lip balm in there too. I also threw in a couple of headbands and hair ties. Last minute I'll grab my blow dryer and straightener. Our toiletry bag has it all. Travel sized shampoo and conditioner, hair spray, dry shampoo, tooth paste, deodorant, lotion, q-tips, a bar of soap, two tooth brushes, and a Norwex towel to wash my face (I don't use soap on my face). I know it's a lot, but nothing felt as good as taking that first shower, drying my hair and putting on a little bit of make up. I also included a tube of lanolin and some nursing pads. I know you don't usually need the nursing pads the first day, but several of my tops were ruined with awkwardly located stains by the lanolin last time.

5. Going Home Outfit - I'm keeping it simple with my favorite maternity leggings, a loose tank top, nursing bra and my new favorite cardigan (similar one here). 

6.  Baby - gets a hat, socks, a simple gender neutral going home outfit and these swaddle blankets. 

7. Miscellaneous - Aside from some snacks (granola bars and a bag of salted cashews) everything else is a last minute grab here. So this will include cell phones, iPad, chargers, and wallets. My sister in law will be bringing her camera to take some freshly newborn pictures of the baby, but we'll make due with our iPhones for the next couple of days so we can take and send photos to family. And I should note that I did throw in a couple of things Ian will need for the stay (pajamas, undershirt, etc.) 

I left a few things out, mostly because my hospital provided them last time. So we won't be bringing diapers and wipes, socks for me (I love their funky socks with the grippy bottoms), perineal bottle, witch hazel pads, underwear (I'll take one million of the mesh ones, thank you very much), and any meds they will offer after labor. I did not create a playlist or pack candles or anything to read because if this labor is anything like my last one I won't have time for any of that. 

I picked up a few things to have at home which include a fancier perineal bottle, tucks pads, some Always pads, and a few medications to help in the postpartum period. 

Phew! That's a lot. Did I miss anything important?