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N is for Nesting

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments
I've been doing some light nesting around the house, and it's inspired me to do some work here on the ol' bloggo. I've got a (short) list of posts I want to get done before this baby makes his/her appearance, and I need to update my about me page because it looks like an about Iggy page.

So baby on the brain, ya'll. I've got it. We're right smack in between 34 and 35 weeks. I've been playing the "last time" game. Shall we? 

Last time I was pregnant, the week before I hit 34 weeks I had this sudden and very intense desire to be near my mom. So I booked a flight, and took my swollen feet to California for a long weekend. Two weeks later, Ignatius was born. So, call me crazy, but I kinda want to feel a little more prepared this time around. 

Ian had the last two weeks off and we got a lot of stuff done. 

Some of the things checked off my baby list?

-I did some major purging of my wardrobe and cleared out my closet. My closet is actually in Iggy's room because I get to make those decisions. All of his stuff is in a dresser in his room, so we moved another small dresser we had in the attic down and put it in the closet for the baby. 

-Ian brought down a few bins of baby things, and I sorted and washed a few of the gender-neutral stuff and put that in the dresser. We've also got a small pack of disposable newborn diapers for that first week and then we'll probably switch to the cloth diapers. 

-I started to pack my hospital bag. The only things that are not packed are the things that I still am using (make-up bag, chargers, etc). I also did a little hospital bag/postpartum shopping. 

-I've got all the important numbers preset in my phone, and my midwife and doula's information is up on the board in our hallway. 

Okay, maybe this is more than light nesting. Keep your eyes peeled for the super exciting hospital bag post.