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What's In My Lily Jade Bag

Jacqui Skemp4 Comments
Lily Jade is running a giveaway, and three lucky ladies will win a bag of their own. Head on over to Nell's blog for more details. 

When we were about half way into the last trimester of my pregnancy with Iggy, I finally buckled down and got a diaper bag. I wanted something we could both use, so I went with this Eddie Bauer bag. 
 It was functional and gender neutral and budget friendly. I liked the shoulder and cross body straps, all the outside pockets and the fact that I knew if it got dirty I wouldn't freak out because, lets be honest, it's kind of ugly. It also has no inside pockets, and thus became the abyss into which we lost all kinds of things. We actually still use this bag today. It's become my husbands bag, the laptop bag when we travel, and the going-to-grandma's-for-the-day bag.

About a month or two into motherhood I wanted something a little cuter and picked up this pretty thang. Again, lots of pockets, shoulder and cross-body straps. But it screamed "diaper bag" and I found myself just tossing tons and tons and tons of crap into it. So I thought something smaller would work better for us.
I found this Skip Hop bag in the Target clearance aisle. It was ordered online and returned and heavily discounted. So I got it. And it was okay. At first I liked the height of the back, but soon found that things just got lost at the bottom. And it didn't work out for us and our cloth diapering ways. I know other people who have similar bags and cloth diaper, and I assume it works for them. I just wasn't digging' it. 

As my birthday rolled around, Ian started to ask what I might want for a gift. We usually do small gifts or a party or a night out. I gathered up the courage to ask him to ask family who might be interested in pitching in to help get me the coveted Lily Jade bag I had been eyeing. He did, they did, and it all worked out! It was love at first sight, and smell, and touch. 

I chose the Caroline in Brandy. It has a couple of smaller outside pockets, and a handy detachable "baby bag" that sits inside the main body. It's loaded with pockets and what not, so things rarely get lost. Ian might disagree with me on that point, but I understand my ordered chaos and I know exactly where to find that packet of gum or spare bobby pin. Whenever Ian is going to take Iggy out or drop him off at grandma's, I just pop out the baby bag and toss it into the not-so-prettty Eddie Bauer bag. It fits perfectly.

Iggy's 20 months old now, so he needs  a lot less stuff than he used to. In the early days I carried multiple diapers, a wet bag, bottles, bibs, a muslin swaddler, a change of clothes, socks, hat, toy, my wallet, glasses and phone.

Now a days I'm down to just a few things:

1. One Blueberry cloth diaper, because we rarely need more than one change. We usually do prefolds, but I try and save a couple of all-in-ones for times when we're out and about.
2. A Planet Wise wet bag
3. A Klean Kanteen sippy cup
4. Iggy's current (maybe forever) favorite book: Moby-Dick by BabyLit
5. Lotion for my hands and Iggy's drool-drool face
6. Travel wipes
7. My iPhone
8. Sunglasses. Because snow is bright and awful
9. My fancy clutch. I love it. It fits perfectly in the bag and I can pull it out for a quick trip out the door sans baby. Hidden in my cloth are all the things I don't want Iggy to play with like money, chapstick or my precious, precious Tums.
10. (not pictured) I usually have my Kindle and water bottle, but they are currently trapped in the room with a napping toddler and I refuse to mess with that. 
11. (also not pictured) My ring sling that I can no longer use because the weight of the in-utero baby and the ever growing toddler do terrible things to my back. So no baby wearing for me until this little one is out.

Occasionally Bunny makes it into my bag if we're going to be gone during nap time or close to bedtime.

So that's what I carry! Not a lot, but that's because I have separate bags for all my crocheting and knitting. Remember to click on over to Nell's blog to see what she carries in her Lily Jade bag, and get the details on how you can enter to win one of your own.