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It's Sheenazing!

Jacqui Skemp1 Comment
The fact that I've blogged about two times in the last 5 months should make me a major bore of a blogger. Yet, here we are at the annual Sheenazing Awards hosted by Bonnie from A Knotted Life, and lookie-lookie, I've been nominated for not one, but two categories.

I'm really flattered that my little corner of the interwebs is even in the same category (Best Lifestyle Blog) with my blog crushes Kate from The Rhodes Log, Nell from Whole Family Parenting and Blythe from The Fike Life.

Anna from The Heart's Overflow and I were both nominated- along with many of my small time blogging besties- for the category Best Under-Appreciated Blog.

If you like these kinds of blogs, it's a good place to check out some new reads.

Check out all the blogs HERE

If you vote for me and I win, I'll cook dinner for you. But you'll have to meet me in Minnesota.