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Family Photos 2014

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments
*tap tap* Is this thing still on? 

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jen of La Cattura Photography took our second annual family portraits. You can see our photos from last year here


 While I often complain about the snow, the day we had these photos taken was absolutely perfect.

And I'm going to squeeze in an Iggy update: he is running, climbing and getting into everything. He loves books, his record player, dancing, blocks, cars, kitchen utensils and calling both Ian and I "daddy".

This kid. I can't stand it.

And in case you didn't notice, we are twins when it comes to boots and squinty eyes.

Last year Iggy was pretty stingy with the smiles, but I think he's made up for it.

You can find Jen at her website La Cattura Photography or on her Facebook page.