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Meal Planning Fun

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I am so, so late to the meal planning game happening over at Nell's this last month. But we've finally hit week 15, and it seems that week 14 of pregnancy is my turning point when it comes to all things nausea related.

Most of our meals have been fast-food or cereal for the last three months, and my poor husband has suffered along with me.

I've finally got a semblance of a plan going on this week and here it is:

Monday: Three Cheese Stuffed Shells with Meat Sauce

I made a huge batch of them a few weekends ago. I've learned that I need to take advantage of the few hours in which I am not one-with-the-couch and cook up a big batch of whatever. Then we just eat that for a few days.

I used the ever so lovely Pioneer Woman's recipe which you can find here.

source: The Pioneer Woman

I prepped the shells into a 6 of those disposable foil loaf pans. Each pan holds the perfect amount for a pregnant woman, a man and a toddler who just pushes food around his plate. So we have enough to last us a few weeks and I just worry about getting some bread and a salad going.

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup from Costco

There's no denying it. I love Costco so much, and if they told me that jumping off a bridge was a good thing to do, I would probably do it.

We already had one of the packaged soups for lunch, but the second container will be Tuesday's dinner. It's yummy, easy to dump in a pot and heat up, and the clean up is a breeze.

Wednesday: Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash

This stew is from Cooking Canuk.

I've made this a few times over this past year and it is yummy. I've made it with the suggested quinoa, but I prefer it with rice and I usually leave out the beans. I also add carrots or potatoes. Basically, I do what I want.

source: Cooking Canuk

Thursday: Left Overs

Growing up, most Thursday nights in my home were left over nights. At least that's how I remember it, but I could be totally wrong. I've tried to establish that in our home because it makes meal planning a little easier on me. Also I hate throwing food away.

Friday: Bean and Rice Bowls

We try to do meatless meals on Friday (though I'm kinda bad at it). But since my husband is a stickler about it I try to cook something meatless so he doesn't end up eating a cheese sandwich for dinner.

One of my favorite meatless meals to make is a simple bean and rice bowl. Here's my rice recipe. We top the rice with pinto beans (which I try to have on hand all week if possible- another story for another day). We add pico de gallo, salsa, cilantro, lime juice and sour cream. We usually eat this up with corn chips. Easy peasy but super yummy.

Saturday: Not Sure Yet

 I try to do something fun on Saturdays. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll try a new recipe, or take the time to roast a chicken and maybe bake some kind of goodie. Or we order take out or go out for dinner.

Sunday: Family Dinner

We spend most Sundays with my in-laws, and we get to enjoy a meal with them, so I don't really plan anything for that day.

There you have it. Our week in my favorite language: food.

I'm hoping to work on a little post detailing how I go about meal planning a month out. It sounds daunting, but when I've done it and stuck to it, it's saved us time and money.

I'm linking up with Nell from Whole Parenting Family for her Week Eats link up. Head over there for more fun recipes and ideas.