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Pictures for the Grandmas

Jacqui Skemp4 Comments
Someone get this kid a pumpkin spice latte. 

I was going through these photos from last week. I love this little man. He's so beautiful and charming and sweet. And I'm just gonna stare at these for a while because this was not the baby who I spent the last few days with.

Poor guy has been sick for a week now and it shows in his mood. He can't tell me what's wrong or what hurts. He's just uncomfortable and tired and needy and I'm trying my best to keep that in mind.

I'm quick to become irritated and annoyed.

And apparently so is he. He might look like his daddy, but his temperament is a gift from his momma. Sorry kid.

So here's to healthier days and smiling babies.

The last of the cucumbers.