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Many Links For You To Click-Click

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments
It's a link-link kind of post!

My brain is mush as we're still dealing with sickos (Iggy and I), and I don't have much energy to write. But I do have some fun links to share with you today, so here goes:

1. My friend Kate is hosting a super awesome giveaway on her blog The Rhodes Log. Now tell me these shirts aren't just the cutest things in the world. Please do not enter. Do not ruin my chances But go take a look anyway. And maybe send some happy thoughts my way so I can win? Thankya.

2. Nell from Whole Parenting Family is hosting another sweet giveaway. It's a fantastic gift set for new (or new again) mamas. Nell's the best when it comes to pampering moms with brand new babies, and she knows what they need. Aaaaand one of the organic teethers from my etsy shop is part of the package. I can't win this one, so go friends, enter enter!

3. Last of the giveaways! My friend Susanna from Living with Lady Philosophy is hosting a giveaway of a beautiful meditation aid with images of the mysteries of the holy rosary. It looks like a perfect tool for families, but anyone could use it on their nightstand or desktop. Click here to enter. 

4. My friend Maegan started a new blog, Heartsafire, a few months ago and has recently started to post more frequently, probably in an effort to get me off of her back. I've been hounding her for posts. She's been "blogging" (can we call Livejournal or Myspace posts blogging) since way back when. She's a lovely, lovely soul and I'm glad she's sharing a bit of herself with the internet. 

5. And finally, if you have not subscribed to receive daily devotionals from Blessed is She, please stop what you're doing now and get on that. There are so many amazing writers and somehow I ended up in the mix. I also happened to write the reflection for today

In other news, I've lost all of my "in real life" friends to Gilmore Girls, but that's okay because I'm lost in Stars Hollow too. Are you sick of me talking about GG yet? Because my husband isn't.