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A Mexico Recap

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One last Mexico post written by my better half.

Oh hai,

This is the husband doing a guest post, as requested by the wife. Specifically, she wanted me to write about my vacation to her grandparents’ home in Jerez, Zacatecas (that’s in Mexico). I’m not one to blog, but I can’t resist writing about my cultural experiences. Maybe I’ll rave about a type of food I fell in love with (street tacos) but just can’t find a decent one here in the States #stuffwhitepeoplelike. Hey, that was my first ever hashtag!

The only time I had been to Mexico before was an all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon in Nueva Vallerta. The only time we left the resort was for Sunday Mass, so I didn’t get to see much, but I was too tired to do any sightseeing, anyway. The whole finish-school-find-an-apartment-get-married-thing really wore me out. Also, the minibar had four different liquors which were all included, plus 24-hour room service (also all included)… I miss that place. Anyway, aside from that, I had never been to Mexico. I did, however, grow up watching Disney’s Three Caballeros, so I knew a thing or two about the place.

This is Mexico, right?

So, where to begin? We spent most of our time with her grandparents in Jerez, which is where Jacqui had spent most of her summers as a kid. While Iggy did manage to keep us busy, we still found plenty of time to sit around all day eating tacos and taking naps. We also found out that one of our favorite cocktails, the paloma, comes in a can. Don’t look at us like that. We were on vacation.

Jerez is a magical city. A sign says so when you arrive. In the center of town is a beautiful park. On Sunday evenings, you can find large crowds of people listening to several different bands just far enough away from each other. A few feet closer, and they would drown each other out. Who goes out on a Sunday night? EVERYONE. Yes, everyone from the smallest infant to your great grandfather, was out having a good time.

We also spent some time at a resort in Manzanillo. I’m not gonna say much about it, aside from there was no wifi, which helped me take a break from the internet for a few days. Less time checking facebook, more time drinking on the beach. I also got a couple’s massage with the wife. I owed her one. Last time we did that was on our honeymoon, which is actually a funny story. You see, I love seafood, but the only fresh stuff you can get in MN is from the lakes (walleye, trout, etc). That stuff is all good, but the buffet at our honeymoon resort had fresh squid, octopus, shrimp, mussels, scallops, etc.. I may have gone overboard by eating them several times a day, and I guess I got a little gassy. Long story short, there was a part of the massage that involved the masseuse rolling her arm from my shoulders down to my lower back.

I managed to get through this one without any incidents. In fact, no one got monteczuma’s revenge during our entire stay in Mexico, but I DID come back with bronchitis.

Once we got back to Jerez, we spent a day in the city of Zacatecas. I was eager to go because the city is historically significant, and I have a crush on history. The city was first settled by the Spanish after significant silver deposits were discovered in the 1540s, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the Western Hemisphere. We took a tour of the mines, and then rode a chalet up to La Bufa, which Pancho Villa’s rebel forces took from Huerta’s federal troops during the Battle of Zacatecas 100 years ago. The rather brutal engagement was a decisive rebel victory and led to Huerta’s resignation soon afterward. Go read about it.

The city is beautiful at night. It’s surrounded by hills and mountains, and the stunning colonial architecture is maintained. There is also a lot to do, even on a Wednesday night. We took a double decker bus tour of the city, then stopped for coffee before heading back.

Aside from that, we spent most of our time bumming around Jerez, eating at the family restaurant (La Palma), getting drinks at Cantina Carta Blanca, and hanging out at the rancho (that means ranch, which means farm, which is a place with crops and animals). I could go on, but here are some final quick highlights.

1) Her grandparents live adjacent to La Palma, so we could go there anytime it was open to get food on the house. Family perks.
2) Jacqui’s tio, el hombre chingon, took the guys out for drinks one night. He even ordered a mariachi band to play while we drank. Normally, the bar we were at closes at 11, but el hombre chingon seems to have connections, so we left at 12:30 and finished our drinks on the street. We grabbed street tacos at 1:30  before heading home.
3) There was a big party at the ranch. Lots of food, tequila, and beer. No mariachi, but there was a very good banda band. Banda is Mexican polka. Iggy was very interested in them, but cautious around the tuba.
4) Jacqui bought a bunch of rebozos (big ol' Mexican scarves for those cold Mexican winters). Then she went back to buy more. Now she has a bunch of rebozos. The green one is pretty. The blue one is pretty. The purple one is pretty. The yellow one is pretty. Is the red one pretty? Yes, the red one is pretty. In fact, they’re all pretty.

Well, I don’t want to get too long-winded, so I’m wrapping it up now. Do I want to go back? Siiiiiiiii (that means yessssssss).

K bai.