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A Lovely Little Granny Square Blanket

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments
A few months ago (May 3rd according to my Instagram account) I started a project for a sweet little girl who is now our goddaughter. It's the first granny square blanket I've made in almost twenty years. How am I even saying that?

I didn't even want to think about my first one. It was made out of ha-uge squares, several different types of yarn and awful colors. I don't know exactly what 13-year-old-me was thinking, but she was making some poor choices, especially when it came to crafting.

I actually ran into said blanket at my parents this summer. I did a double take and backed out of the room. Why is it still around? I don't know. Mom, please explain yourself.

Okay, back to present day where I am making better color choices and working on smaller squares.

I used this tutorial from Purple Chair Crochet as my guide. I obvi went with different colors, as requested by the future owners momma.

I shamelessly stole these photos

...from myself.

Cue the Instagram filters.

 I think it turned out really well!