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7 Quick Takes: Yarn, Tomatoes and a Giraffe

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments
1. Last Saturday Iggy's tio and tia took him out for his birthday treat. It involved terrifying animals (like this here giraffe) and ice cream.

Granted, he fell asleep in the car on the way there, was tired enough to sleep through the transfer into his stroller. We enjoyed some zoo time with a sleepy baby and then he was up and ready to see the animals. When the giraffe walked by he eased into a serious pout and some major tears. He eventually warmed up to them. To make up for the terrifying experience, his tia bought him some yummy ice cream.

2. I shared this article on my blogs fb page about waiting to find out the sex of your baby. I know it's not a popular choice right now, but we loved waiting to find out. Though, #2 was my main motivation. 

3. Our garden needs to chill out. I'm getting really sick and tired of these disgusting tomatoes

4. Have you been following Blythe's mini series about meeting and marrying her hubby.You can find it here, here and here.

5. Also, are you keeping up with Kate's series "Before I Had a Seven Year Old"? I'm lovin' it. (did you sing that? I always do)

6. I got a new order of yarn in to diversify my Etsy shop Ceci Cebu. I'm hoping to have these in the shop by mid September. Are there any color combos you would like to see?

The yarn is from Knit Picks.

7. Last night a few girlfriends and I went out to celebrate this lady's life. Yummy cocktails and fancy chairs. It was a good night at Marvel.

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