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Piñatas and Babies

Jacqui Skemp3 Comments
This will probably be the last of the Mexico photos (unless I snap a few more before we head out). 

We were back at Rancho Sta. Elena for a family celebration and my cousins daughters birthday on Friday.

My lovely momma

Music and food and a piñata. What more could you ask for?

Iggy's first time hitting a piñata! I was surprised by how emotional I got this day. Seeing my cousin holding my son up to hit the piñata. Weren't we just little girls playing with dolls yesterday?

Ian was surprised to find that the piñatas here are made with real clay.

Iggy also had his first lollypop, which he loved of course.

The birthday girl with her birthday spoils.

Iggy's making sure that cow is behaving.