Mexican Domestic Goddess


Jacqui Skemp4 Comments
I still feel like I'm recovering from our vacation, within our vacation, within our vacation. A few days ago, twenty of my family members climbed into a van and drove several hours south to Mazanillo, Colima. 

On the way down we took a short detour and visited my dads hometown of Atoyac, Jalisco. 

We visited the house that he and his siblings grew up in. My grandparents passed away many years ago, but it was good to see their home again. 

Ian, Iggy and my dad standing in the doorway of my fathers childhood home 

It's hot at humid there, so my hair was being all kinds of special. 

A good chunk of the drive south is filled with beautiful green mountains, terrifyingly high bridges, and palm trees for days and days. 

High quality iPhone photo with a special filter I like to call "window"

We got to the beach and Iggy was in heaven. He loved the pool and the ocean but he especially loved the sand. I'm also proud to say he did not get sunburned.

The resort we stayed at had beds on the beach that you could rent and you know I was all over that. So this was my view when I wasn't in the water. 

Also, this nap time picture kills me. Hand on the belly.

Iggy loved playing with all of his cousins and they doted on him.

The last morning we were in the water by 8am.

Here we are, pretending to be happy but really we were super sad about leaving. Okay, maybe that was just me.

On the way home we stopped to get some regional candies and fresh fruit.

Mangos so sweet they'll make your teeth hurt. Coconut chopped up and drowned in lime, chili powder and salt. Heaven.