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Five Favorites: Summer Edition

Jacqui Skemp4 Comments
Back at it, doing my favorite thing. Link to the ups, people.

This time it's with Heather over at Mama Knows, Honeychild, so you can head over there for more favorites. 

Here are a few of my (summertime) favorite thing:

1. Sandals. Sandals. Sandals!

I made my brother take me shoe shopping yesterday and I realized that I don't really have shoes. Since moving to Minnesota I have boots and sandals (I don't count my running shoes because I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them in civilian clothing now, for fear that my awkward middle school self would come back to haunt and taunt me). So I bought some shoes… and some sandals because I just can't quit them. 

I'm lumping my three favorite summer sandals together in this first point. 


a) Saltwaters. I want all the colors but only have the tan ones right now. They will leave you with the funkiest tan, but they are so cute!

b) These Target sandals. This Southern California girl loves all things sparkly , glittery and shimmery. 

c) These Whitebear Mountain sandals. My brother hates them, and that's fine (hater). My super chic sister-in-law wears them, and she's basically the most stylish person I know. I got lucky and found a pair on clearance at Marshall's. I'm pretty sure Marco shook his head as I gleefully skipped up the register to pay for them. 

2. Beach Hair
You can have beach hair in the middle of Kansas if you want! This is a pretty good tutorial by the ladies from A Beautiful Mess, and I'm hoping to try it out this weekend. I've used other hair products that create those salty wind tossed locks, but I haven't used a good one in a few years. So I'm hoping this works out! 

I miss my long locks. Come. Back. To. Meeeeeee.

3. A good summer song. I have no idea what's cool in the world, but I've been enjoying these two songs. On repeat. All day, every day.

4. A good summer drink
This isn't new to this summer, but it's been my favorite summer drink for the last three years or so. Does this have a name? Please tell me if you know. I just call it Happiness. 

Two years ago (the summer before Iggy and Johnny) Anna and I got together with our husbands for a day at the lake. I thought I would be super sneaky and premix a bottle of this goodness to share with our friends. We got to the beach, and low and behold, Anna had the same idea! She is equally as sneaky. 




a happy, happy me. 

5. A floppy hat. I tend to have trouble with hats because of ridiculous amount of hair on my head. But I managed to find this one before our wedding and it was perfect for our honeymoon. We're headed back to the Mexican coast this summer and I'm excited to pull it out again.