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Iowa, You Were Lovely

Jacqui Skemp1 Comment
I've had a day of packing and recently ingested Benadryl, so bear with me. I'm also recovering from the weekend. Friday afternoon we packing up our car and headed south to Iowa for the weekend. We were fortunate enough to attend the ordination of my childhood friend. We've known each other for 25 years. A quarter of a century. We're old, and I'm tired, but that might just be the sweet sleepy spell that Benadryl has me under. 

The reception on Saturday evening overlooked a beautiful lake, and Iggy had a ball walking up and down the steps. If we had let him, he would have walked right off the pier. 

I also got to have dinner with another very dear friend who I've known since kindergarden. We hadn't seen each other since graduating high school. It was so good to reconnect and share about our lives. 

I can't get much more out tonight, so here are a few pictures. 

ps. While standing in the back of the church during mass on Sunday a sweet little doll of a girl was saying hi to Iggy. Her momma was so cute and hip, and I thought she must also be a blogger. Turns out I was right! She has a super beautiful blog over at Bella Vita Dolce