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One Hot Mess: Part 1

Jacqui Skemp4 Comments
I'm glad Kate from The Rhodes Log hipped me to this new link up, because that's all I'll be doing from now on. Link to the link ups.

Blythe is hosting a newbie link up that I am loving this week. I love a pretty picture on Instagram. I'm no dummy (and I assume you are not one either) because I know full well that surrounding that ever-so-carefully-arranged shot is a probably a pile or two of laundry and maybe a million cheerios crushed into a fine powder on the dining room floor. Or is that just my place? Anyway. Enough words! Pictures!

Here they are in all their grainy, unfiltered and unedited glory:

Don't tell Ian that I'm wearing his apron.
What our place usually looks like. Notice the dying wheatgrass. Anyone want it?
Prepping for my Etsy shop… hot, hot mess.

I've folded that thing of diapers, oh I don't know, maybe five times.