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Ceci Cebú

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments
I've been putting it off for weeks because I wanted it to be set up just right, and then my sewing machine failed me. So while I wait to get it repaired, I've working on my crocheted goods. It's finally her! I'm scared and excited to share, but this is my Etsy shop: 

You can click on the picture to go directly to the shop or this link here
I went back and forth and even changed the shop name once, but I like this name. It fits. Ceci is short of Cecilia which is my middle name. My grandma has sweet nicknames pertaining to animals for all of the grand children. I don't really know how she chooses them, but there they are. Pinguinos, and conejos, and a whole bunch more. Me? I'm Cebu (also spelled zebu). Why, beats me. I'm sure she has her reasons. I wasn't always thrilled that my nickname is a breed of cow, especially as a teenager. But it's her sweet term of endearment for me, and I'll take it. 

So, Ceci Cebu. To honor my grandma, because I so want to be like her. 

At this point, most of the items in my shop are baby related, but I hope to add more non-baby things as time goes on. 

(You can click on the pictures and they will link to the individual items)

I have a few organic teethers. 

Several chunky blankets. 

And a few smaller, lightweight blankets. 

I'm new to this, so I gladly accept any feedback!