Mexican Domestic Goddess

Ten Months

Jacqui SkempComment
You made it, Iggy! Ten whole months! You are doing so much, and we love being your parents. 

You are growing so tall, buddy. Up until now you always wore the size of clothing that matched your age, but recently that hasn't been the case. You tend to swim in your clothing because you're so lean, but you need the length, otherwise high waters. 

We laughed recently when we looked at pictures from around Christmas. You had so much hair when you were born, and lost most of it around three months. I remember thinking around Christmas that you had so much hair again, but you're proving us all wrong. You can thank my 'Apa for that. The man has epic hair. 

You've been pulling yourself up on all the furniture, and we recently invested in all the baby proofing things we'll need. You were really upset that you couldn't get into the armoire. And thanks to your lean little body, I have to keep a constant eye on your because you sneak under the couch and between the end table and the couch. A few times I've come into the room and all I see are your little legs peaking out from under the couch. 

You are eating so many new foods. You love whole cooked green beans, any kind of bean really. You also like scrambled eggs, sopita with beans, chicken, and you love mango and limes! You make me proud.

This month you started clapping a lot, and dancing. I saw you wave bye-bye twice, but you're not interested in doing that one very much yet. You like your sippy cup and puffs a lot.

You don't crawl on your hands and knees, but you arm crawl just fine. And you are very interested in walking. You would love it if just held your hands and walked your around all day. But that ain't gonna happen. You also LOVE your daddy. If he leaves the room, you get very upset, and I have to remind you that I'm right there with you. 

We love you, baby boy.