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On Mice and Etsy

Jacqui SkempComment
I'm very good at blogging, in case you haven't noticed. Okay, not really. But you know, LIFE. So let's get past this awkward excuse for my being all kinds of lazy and move on to bigger and better things. A few going on's have been going on since we last met.

1. We are war with the sneakiest of mice. We saw its "evidence" on our stove and kitchen counters which led to me putting all of our food in our fridge, including the cereal because, you never know. I was alone one evening and heard it messing with a palm from last year that's been living behind our armoire (we take care of our things). I stood on an ottoman in the middle of the living room waiting for Ian to come home. He had gone off to a nice study date by himself so he could be productive. I'd say he got a good solid 20 minutes in, and that's really all he needed.  He got home and was like

No. YOU take it easy. It's a nasty rodent and I will have none of it! I know a cat would be a good solution, but I'm not the biggest fan of the shedding and the hives, so on to the next option. Traps. I'm sure there are all kinds of opinions on the types of traps, and poison and all that stuff. Well, crawling baby means no poison. We were nice and opted for the swift blow to the neck old fashioned kind of trap. Wasn't working. So then we got the fancy kind that lures the mouse into the trap, kills it and closes so you never have to see a thing. Nada. Well, I stormed off to Target (like I do all day, err day) and picked up several packs of the ugly, mean, sticky traps. Idontcare. I lined the kitchen with those suckers. Well, Ian did. I refused to touch them, because in my weird mind mice traps=mice germs. 

I'm sorry to say, I don't have a happy end to this lovely fairytale. The mouse is still at large, and I haven't seen it in days. But I'm washing every pan before I use it. 

2. We had family in town and it was so good to spend time with them and show them around the Twin Cities. Whenever we have visitors from California it makes me homesick for the west coast. We just purchased my ticket for California this summer, and I'm pretty stoked about having an extended visit. 

3. I have been (slowly) working on wrapping up some loose ends and getting my Etsy shop up and running. My original goal was two weeks ago, but with visitors and some other out of the ordinary engagements, I wasn't able to get it all up. I have several crochet and sewn items completed that will be ready to ship once I actually get them listed. My friend Nell wrote a super helpful post about starting an Etsy shop, and it encouraged me to have several more items than I originally intended to be available when the shop opens. 

I'll write another post about the shop when I finally launch (hopefully in less than two weeks- fingers crossed). Here's a sampling of some items I'll be offering.