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He is Risen!

Jacqui SkempComment
This is our third Easter as a married couple. Last year was the first year we decided to do baskets. I received an orchid (which I've yet to kill) and I know I gave Ian some jellybeans, but I can't remember what else was in his basket. 

I know Iggy is too small to remember this Easter, but we really want to start family traditions. After a season of fasting, we are enjoying the feast. Iggy's basket had a couple of bibs I made him, a new plate, a couple of books that were my brothers, and a couple of toys: one from us and one from my parents. The basket is not human size, it's normal size. The chair is actually quite small, and made for small people like Iggy. It was actually the chair that my grandparents gifted me when I was a little girl. My parents sent it out this spring, and Iggy loves it. 

Ian moved my wheatgrass decoration to pretty up my basket display, full of tea, cookies and gardening tools. 

Ah, and here's Ian's basket. I was very excited to buy him Makers Mark, cheese, crackers and oysters. He loves oysters, and we don't ever have them because they kind of give me the heebie-jeebies. I was at Costco recently (every week) and I saw several boxes sold together and thought I was about to win the awesome-wife award this Easter. After we went through our baskets, Ian and I were on the couch and he looked over at me and revealed (to my horror and utter embarrassment) that I did not purchase oysters… I purchased several boxes of sardines! Blech. It's the thought that counts, right?

Here are a few photos of our Easter decor. I dyed these eggs last year with my friend Anna using natural dyes. We boiled red cabbage, beets, onion skins, turmeric. We were both very pregnant and the apartment was very stinky. For days. And days. I'm saving them because I don't think I will ever go through that process again. 

Here are my fancy Trader Joe's flowers. Too many vases? I think not.

I've been eyeing that wreath at Target for weeks, and I finally just bit the bullet at bought it. I also scattered plastic eggs all over the living room floor.

This is the only egg he wanted to play with.

Iggy loved his toys though.

He wasn't so sure about the plate though.

I also dyed some eggs that I had been saving during Lent. Did you ever do "cascarones"? Growing up, my mom cooked a lot of dishes that required eggs during Lent.

By Easter we had cartons full of eggs ready to by dyed, dried, filled with confetti and covered with a square of tissue paper. Easter day was spent eating chocolate bunnies, and smashing the confetti filled eggs on each others heads.

This year I had eight. I dyed them myself with the intention of taking them to my in-laws to share with them.

No fancy dyes, just the good old color tablets.

Dyed and dried.

Confetti cut from paper and Easter basket grass.


Tissue paper square glued. Also, forgotten at home. I'll just have to save them for next year.

And in case you didn't know, it's still Easter, so keep on feasting and rejoicing, my friends! Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!