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While last weeks 7 Posts in 7 Days was a blogging victory for me, but I was a bit burned out at the end.   The most appealing part of the challenge was that it would be an opportunity to overcome perfectionism. And if you didn't catch my last post, I would say mission accomplished. There are some heavier subjects I've wanted to write about, but it was good to just write and try not to worry too much about what people might think of my so-so writing.

In other news, my baby came back this week. I don't know who that little blue-eyed visitor was last week, but boy am I glad to have Mr. Easy-Going back. I'm not sure what was bothering him, but whatever it was is gone. In it's place came a ca-razy appetite (Iggy's not mine, but mine to, always). For lunch today he had a quarter of an avocado, 1/3 cup of boiled peas, pear puree and a 7oz bottle. Way to go little man! Where do you put it?

The increase in naps (and length of naps) this week has allowed me to enjoy some quite moments with me, myself and Netflix. And coffee.

I know it's sounds uber crunch, but baby wearing to the rescue this week. Even though he's been pretty happy, the Iggster insists on being on my person. But I'm like, this is MY person! You have your own person.

Laundry and Dishes. Dishes and Laundry.

This, ya'll. 

Can I get a Hallelujah? Be quiet, it's Lent.

I can't get over these numbers! Double digits without the little dash in front of them.  This heatwave is causing the snow to melt, which inn turn is causing this drama bomb:

Look clooooosely. See those trickles of water running down the window? Seems harmless enough, until you turn off the music and tv and the baby is napping and then… tap… tap… tap… tap… and Oh. My. Goodness. Stop. It.

Historic Charm = Old House 'round these here parts. That means crappy window frames. Huidini magic, but the water gets in between the outside windows and the inside windows (I know there's a proper name for them, so educate me). Once it's between the windows it slowly tap-taps away. There's only one solution. More tv.

Speaking of taps. Iggy and these blocks! It's adorable and much more tolerable than the water between the windows thing. He loves them. Melissa and Doug if you want.

Lent is upon us, and in case you missed all the #ashtag drama (to #ashtag or not to #ashtag, or not to bother wasting your time worrying about it) you really didn't miss much. 

We're using a couple of texts this year. First an oldie: 

This is a new text for our household. I would really like to read more Chesterton. I've started Orthodoxy several times. But it's no bueno for my braino. I'll try again sometime. 

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