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Prohibition and Quiche

Jacqui SkempComment
First of all, here's some St. Patrick's day green for ya. He's an eighth Irish so he totally owns this day. 

Yesterday we finally hit the Minnesota History Center for the last day of the Prohibition exhibit. Ian's been trying to get us to go for weeks (months maybe?). 

We made a stop at a local cafe for some quiche and coffee and sat next to this skit. But we were kind of asking for it.

Aside from some beautiful views of St. Paul, the exhibit was great. 

Snow, snow, go away.

Ian already knows all the things, so we kinda plowed through it to the good parts. They had a lot of great life size cut outs, and we took advantage of that. 

Iggy's mugshot. 

Family photo.

Iggy was really impressed. 

Iggy says "It's over!"