Mexican Domestic Goddess

Nine Months

Jacqui Skemp3 Comments
Dear Ignatius,

This month you have mastered sitting. And generally you really love to sit and play and are not okay with laying on your back unless someone is waving a blanket above you because that's just the coolest thing ever.

Little man, you have so much personality. You've got your mommas temper and your papas inquisitive nature. Sorry about the temper… I'm hoping you learn to mellow out a bit.

You are incredibly generous with your smiles, and people love it. We can hardly go anywhere without you singling out someone that you're so excited to see. You've got a gift for making people feel special. 

You also started doing this thing that your Nino Marco used to do when he was a baby! You clench your fists and jaw and you kind of shake your head. We called them "corajes", but they're less like little temper tantrums and more like you can't handle the excitement and you just tense up. It's hilarious and I love seeing you do it. 

You love hide and seek, playing chase with mommy and daddy and you recently started to pull yourself up on your knees and I'm wondering if crawling is going to happen soon. This week you pulled yourself up in your crib and I was so surprised to see you do that! You are pretty proud of yourself and you love practicing this new skill. 

It makes me a little sad that you're not so little anymore, but I love watching you grow, baby boy.