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I Did It!

Jacqui SkempComment
Day 7 of the 7 days of blogging and this well runs dry, this cup is empty, we've hit the bottom of the barrel, my brain is fried. Fin.

I've learned a few things along the way.

1. I am just as much of a procrastinator now as I was in college.

2. I'm obsessed with this blog post about The Bachelor.

3. I love lists.

So here's a weekend recap, because I'm sleepy.

We finally got around to celebrating Ian's birthday with friends. I made the enchiladas and Anna made the cake.

That is not Anna. This is Anna.

And these two got crazy with the matching jammies.

Because matching jams are the funniest.

Oh, and because I'm really dunzo, I'm just going to plug my friend's blog. 

Anna over at Knit One, Yarn Over is starting a series of posts called the NICU Diaries. The blogging community has provided me so much support through the loss of our first child and my own struggles in motherhood. I am so grateful for the woman who have put their hearts and stories out. Their vulnerability helped me realize I was not alone in my own struggles. 

So if you had a child who spent time in the NICU and you're willing to share your journey, please head over to Anna and she'll be collecting stories to share.