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The Little Post That Could

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Oh my glob, this post has turned into my senior thesis all over again. Why can't I write?! I have lists, but I'm too lazy to gather links, and I have pictures, but I don't feel like doing that whole thang.

I hate to complain, but no I don't. Iggy has been an incredibly easy going child, thanks to his father. But Monday morning all of his mommy-genes came out raging like they had been pent up for 8.5 months and were done being suppressed and oh my gosh it's the crying-over-the-wrong-cookies scenario all over again but this time it's my baby doing it and not me. There were lots of tears, and calls to my mom and she was nice enough not to say "it's payback time". I snuck away with a girlfriend Tuesday night to work our yarn magic in a bar because we don't care what you think we neeeeeeeeeeed this.

Wednesday my dad "babysat" Iggy via FaceTime so I could put a few things away and eat something and thank goodness my son is in love with my father. He hears his voice and it's smiles, smiles everywhere. I didn't even care that he was making me look like a liar. He was happy. Fortunately for me (and not so fortunately for Ian) I had the husband home today because he was sick, and as soon as he looked like he could handle Iggy I was like "see ya" and I did a million good things. Meatballs at Ikea. Check. Skipping around Costco for an hour. Check. And a visit to Bachman's garden center. Check. I bought six plastic pots to do some propagating and I walked around and looked at each plant and took off my coat and pretended it was spring. At one point one of the employees asked if I was looking for something specific. I told her I was just browsing and she said "well, you were looking very intensely at those plants". Um, back off. Have you seen the outside? I love me some plants. Another post for another time because I've got about 20 minutes to get this post published. 

Here are some low quality photos for your viewing pleasure.

I almost took this home with me but, I seriously don't need anymore plants. Who am I kidding? I'll be back for you, my precious. 

 Someone move all my stuff here. I'm not leaving. 

Working on some lettuce guitar

 All the toys and he just wants lettuce.