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On Being in the Picture

Jacqui Skemp7 Comments
Last November we had some family portraits taken, and I 'm just getting around to sharing a few more because I am la-la-lazy.

My friend Jen and I worked together last year and she was due with her baby girl a week before I was due. She had her sweet babe two weeks early, but I had mine four weeks early, so Iggy is a week older than Cate. You can find her here at her website or on Facebook. If you're in the Twin Cities I highly recommend her. She braved the cold on a chilly morning and met us by Lake Harriet and managed to get a smile and a half out of Iggy. This had nothing to do with her and everything to do with my grumpy little guy.

I really wanted to get some informal family pictures taken, and I know it's kind of trendy and some people aren't into it, but I was pretty convicted about getting these photos done.

You see, I'm okay with the "selfie" and a few select photos of myself shared with internetlandia, but the truth is I'm not comfortable with how my body looks. Phew. It's out there. Not that this is a surprise to anyone, and I know many women who feel the same way and would love to tighten this, or even out that. 

I've had a very messy relationship with my body, especially after the loss of our first child, and my inability to breastfeed my second child, and generally just struggled with my weight and food. It wasn't always this way, but the last eight years or so, I've slowly been getting heavier.

 I was really good during my pregnancy with Iggy and gained a little under 15lbs the whole time. Which is kind of a miracle when you consider the crap I was eating. Can you say sausage mcmuffins all day err day? Me neither. The first two months postpartum I ate so many lactation cookies, and oatmeal and really didn't focus on healthy habits. 

Sometime in October I had enough. I started making healthier food and activity choices, and have continued to do so. It's been slooooow progress, but it's still progress. 

I had wanted to have photos taken when Iggy was a new-newborn but I put it off because I didn't want to have a memory of what I looked like at that time. 

I thought about that a lot, and by October I realized this: I might not like the way I look now, and while I hope to make some changes, I didn't want to avoid documenting our family grow because I'm uncomfortable with how I look. I can change that if I want, but I can't go back in time and change the fact that I don't have many pictures with my son (I have plenty of him). 

I know as women we can be so incredibly critical and harsh when it comes to our bodies, but I am reminded often that my body did an amazing thing. It grew life. There is a whole new person in existence because of the sacrifice that I made with my body. And I am so much closer to my Creator in this, because I gave my body and blood for the sake of another.