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My Weekend Update

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments
This past weekend a few friends flew in from the warmer west, and it couldn't have been more wintery perfect. My sweet friend Annie stayed with us, and I should have never driven her to the airport. Come. Back. Please.

I got my craft on and taped printer-paper flowers on yarn. Creative to the max. 

Annie also happens to be Iggy's nina (which is short for "madrina" which is Spanish for godmother for you gringos out there). I loved seeing him light up when he saw her across the room.

They told each other jokes, and had a grand old time. 

 We visited the James J. Hill house, and went on the walking tour. It was Iggy's second time there, but first time earth side. I was very pregnant when we went last year, and while I jokingly requested the elevator last year, this year the lady was rather eager to show one of the guests in our group where it was.

This is Iggy imagining what his life would have been like as one of the Hill sons.

It was the perfect weekend to visit. Just days before the ridiculous temperatures rose to a balmy 25 degrees.

I was so, so glad that we got some fresh fluffy snow on Saturday. Maybe it's because this is still new to me, but I absolutely love it when snow is falling.

I think Iggy was pretty happy to be done with the tour. Look at that little kick.

Saturday evening we had a few friends over for dinner, and I just wish everyone would move here so we could do this more often. Annie's a little blurry here :)

Oh, and I did finally work on that recipe from Smitten Kitchen. While the end product was amazing, I was shocked by how long it took to get the skins of the the roasted hazelnuts! I was glad to hear from my brother and sister (who are amazingly talented when it comes to all things in the kitchen) that hazelnuts can be a chore. And how! I roasted them on Friday and it took Annie and I two hours to get the skins off of a cup of hazelnuts. I made the dough on Saturday night and didn't even bother baking them until Sunday morning. The recipe called for Nutella sandwiched between two cookies. Don't get me wrong, I heart Nutella, but I think the cookies were perfectly hazelnutty on their own. I would make them again and leave them as is.

Sunday was also Ian's birthday, and Iggy just had to get spiffy like his dad.

Bowties and sweater vests for everyone!

I learned that I cannot stay up past midnight anymore, and I don't care of loud places. I also learned that a few days with a good friend can make even the coldest of winters seem a lot less dreary. It was an absolutely lovely weekend that was simply too short.