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7 Quick Takes: Happy Valentime's Day

Jacqui Skemp1 Comment

Here's to my first go at quick takes.

--- 1 ---
In case you've been living under a rock, it's Valentine's Day. For the last six years, thanks to my super cool brother, I've been watching Valentingrid 2011 on Valentine's Day. So if you have 40ish minutes to spare and you like Ingrid Michaelson, give it a go. I usually play it a few times in the background because I have a huge girl crush on her. Oh and my brother and I love to yell "It's still good!" and we get that sweet gem from this show. The sound is a little off, so just deal. Oh, and Ingrid says "Valentimes" about five hundred times in this video. I do know how to spell.

Watch live streaming video from ingridmichaelson at

--- 2 ---
Oh, and on the subject of Ingrid Michaelson, my early-20's-self about peed her pants when I found out Ingrid will be playing a show here in Minneapolis this April! So guess who's going to see her girl crush this spring? This girl. Happy Valentime's Day. Actually, happy early birthday to me.

In honor of all things heart shaped, today I'll be working on these.

I hope I have more success than I did last night with my first go at homemade tortillas. I was too embarrassed to document it.

A few weeks ago I shared my breastfeeding journey and yesterday my story was shared on Danielle's blog Verse. She runs a series called Adventures in Breastfeeding and features guest bloggers who share their personal stories. She also shared my story on Instagram and I was was moved by the responses of compassion, but I was so happy to hear from women who had experienced similar frustrations and were comforted to know they are not alone. It's a beautiful virtual community we've got going on here.

Guys, my goddaughter sent me the most amazing video. Complete mind blow. My brain could not wrap around the sound/image combo here. If dreams come true, this could be Iggy in about 15 years.

Iggy's godmother and my kindred spirt in all things PBS-Oregon Trail-Artichoke-loving goodness is visiting this weekend. I've been inviting (pestering) her to visit for years and she's finally coming!

Happy Valentine's Day ;)

(teenage Iggy, please don't hate me)

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