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Major Blog Neglect

Jacqui Skemp3 Comments
Mea culpa. It's been nuts.

We started the month prepping for Christmas, and I was mostly off fb, which was a nice breather. I don't struggle with comparing myself as much as I used to. My struggle was (and still is) being attentive to the people in my life. But this month I've made it a point (though I'm not always successful) to leave my phone alone when I'm giving Iggy his bottle and putting him down for a nap. I've even managed to relax enough to let laundry sit in the washer, or dishes in the sink, and just cuddle with my little man.

We had family in from out of town, and it was so good to spend extra time with them, and letting Iggy get to know them even better. Speaking of family, I get to see my family in three days! If you've been living in a hole you might not know that the temperatures here in the good ol' midwest have been hovering in the -20 range, with windchill putting us around -45. Basically disgusting. So that 75 degree weather in California will be oh so good. In the mean time, Iggy gets to chat with my parents via the magic of FaceTime. He's going to be so excited when he gets to see 3d grandma and grandpa again. Also, that cute cardigan he's playing with? He claimed it with barf. I give up.

Iggy got one present from us and several from family and friends. He's lucky other people love him so much, because this mama got him one book. 

Here's our Christmas tree in all it's Christmas glory. It's still up, and since I don't even want to bother dealing with it before I leave, it will still be up on the 22nd of January (when I return to the tundra) and let's be honest, it will probably be up until February. It's dreadful outside, let me have this one little joy.

And here's Master Ignatius wearing his reindeer pi's and the best five dollars I've ever spent on his head. That's his Christmas present from mom and dad, and the way cooler California wooden teether his nina got him. 

Iggy says "Christmas is great!"

Seriously, those eyes. Iggy, what am I going to do with you?

I was late again with the monthly picture and he was not pleased. Not pleased, at all.

Okay, maybe a little pleased. 

Iggy likes carrots, apples, blue berries, pears, yams and oatmeal. He does not like bananas, and I cannot understand why not. He can sit with a little assistance, and is very interested in blocks, plastic chain links, his exersaucer, and basically anything he can shake that makes noise. He laughs easily, takes 3 almost 2 hour naps, sleeps a solid 10 hours most nights, and has made motherhood way too easy for me.