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Snowy Afternoon

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments
I haven't had a chance to take Iggy's six month photo, but we did have his six month appointment today. He was fine at the last two appointments, but I was still worried about how he would respond. I had a warm bottle and a blanket ready right after the shots were administered, and I cuddled him and fed him. By the time the doctor came back in, he was all smiles and seemed to be his happy self again. We ran one quick errand and came straight home. He watched me set up some Christmas decorations and was gearing up for another nap. I hear all the time that you're supposed to nap when your baby does, and I rarely take that advice. I usually end up doing some chore or project or showering. But this last week I've been trying to sleep when he does for at least one nap during the day. He seems to go down without a fight when I lay with him, and he sleeps so much longer, and I end up feeling a million times better. So today we napped for two hours, and I woke up before he did to see this!

Mmm. I know you're loving' my hanging planters. I'm hoping the snow will make them look wintery-magical and I can not deal with them for 6 months. A girl can dream. 

It isn't the first snow of the season, but it's the first snow that's been this heavy. I still act like a giddy kid. Growing up, snow was a thing of the movies. Oh, we drove up Big Bear and played in it, but I don't recall seeing snow ever actually come down. Not like this, anyway. So I patiently (sort of) waited for Iggy to wake up. I may or may not have turned on a light in the room.

He was not happy about having to wear pants- but who is?! He complied, and even let me put on his new sweater that his talented Nana made for him. 

We walked about half a block before he got bored.

Thank goodness for oversized hoods. 

 We lasted about 5 minutes before he started to get really upset. I had completely forgotten about his shots. So we spent the next couple of hours just cuddling on the couch because he refused to be put down anywhere. And sometimes, that's fine by me.