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Unplugging it all.

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments
Not really. Are you kidding? I can't. It's like the time I gave up gluten. I think I lasted about 3 hours. But in all seriousness my thumb is hurting from all the activity my phone has been getting recently. Being a new mom makes me want to be a better person and it also highlights how undisciplined I am. For reals, guys. Feeding my baby? Phone. Baby napping? Phone. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. Any down time. Phone. In the car with the hubby. Phone. It's sad.

Lets be honest, we all go through disciplined or less disciplined times of our lives (and sometimes it's just down right chaos). Here I go, entering the season of Advent by purging a little. It will be good for my relationship with my husband and son. I seriously need to pay more attention. I won't get these days back, and who knows if I'll even get a tomorrow. Icky? Sorry. It's true though! 

I was inspired by Haley over at Carrots for Michaelmas who is challenging others to unplug and settle into silence to better prepare ourselves for the exciting time of Christmas. 


I won't be completely unplugging from it all. I need my Netflix (I love you) and I'll be blogging. But I'll be saying goodbye to Facebook and Pinterest until Christmas. :sigh: It should not be this hard to say goodbye. I'll be deleting the apps from my phone and logging out from those pages on my computer. Leave my Instagram alone. I'll also be limiting laptop time to baby naps and after he goes down for the night. Now you might be asking yourself "Self, how does Jacqui expect to unplug if she'll still be using some social media and electronics?". The big difference for me will be specific times of being plugged in, as opposed to being connected all day.

So here's to helping my family prepare for the fantastic celebration of Christmas.