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Growing Baby

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments

I almost titled this post "Baby Growing" which would have been misleading, because I am not currently doing any baby growing. That was so last year.

Iggy was born a month early, so I'm being really lenient when I say he hit the 5 month mark last weekend. I'm proud of him. He's gone from doing this all of the time:

To this: 

He smiles and laughs, loves to play peek-a-boo, and loves his daddy even more. Thanks for the smile, Iggy.

Iggy is a very assertive baby, and he decided to be a bear for halloween because, as his father put it, bears are natures superheroes. Ferocious. 

Like many babies these days, Iggy is in love with his Sophie the Giraffe. But this baby has another Sophie in his life: his Tia Sophia. Flirt. 

Iggy has also taken up the banjo... as a teething toy. Basically everything has become a teething toy. His pacifier, his sleeves, his moms fingers, his blankets. But no teething toys, really. Aside from Sophie the Giraffe. 

And he likes to dance lying down.