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Baby Leg Warmers. Who knew?

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments
I received a pair of baby leg warmers at one of my baby showers. I had never heard of or seen them before. But now that the temps are dropping, they make so much sense! We use these fantastic wool diaper covers from Babee Greens because I'm crazy and wanted to cloth diaper. It's not as crazy as you think. Another post for another time. While our other covers hold in wetness pretty well, the wool ones can make clothes feel a little damp if he goes too long between changes. Baby leg warmers = no wet clothes. Also, shame on me for not changing him often enough. 

I wasn't ready to drop a twenty on leg warmers, so I looked up some tutorials on the ol' handy dandy Pinterest. I took some $2.00 socks from Target, cut them appropriately, did some stitching using the sewing machine my dad bought me, and ta-da, baby leg warmers.

I'm not the biggest fan of baby pants. I think they are adorable for going out or cute pictures, but on the day to day I need easier access to the diapers. So. Many. Diaper. Changes.

When Ian and I were dating, and talking about our future, I told him that I wanted to live in California and never have to bundle up a baby for winter. Jokes on me.

I'm bundling my baby up, and thinking of ways to keep him warmer. Since baby pants tend to ride up, and we do a lot of baby wearing around these parts, I think these snug little half leggings will keep Iggy warm and toasty. 

And polkadots. I know. But he's a baby people! Not a tiny adult! And honestly… I don't think he's that concerned.

I mean, seriously.

I think the puppy dog shirt makes up for the polkadots. Right, Iggy?