Mexican Domestic Goddess


Jacqui Skemp2 Comments

Since we spend Sundays with Ian's family, we decided to begin the season of Advent Saturday evening by taking some time to share a meal at our table (a deviation from our usual on the floor around the coffee table dinners) and saying a short prayer together. After moving out on my own and not having a mom to take care of all-the-things, I spent every first (or second) week of Advent scrambling to find three purple and one rose candle. 

Then oh my gosh, I'm the mom and now I have to do all-the-things. So I got a tip from Haley over at Carrots of Michaelmas, and picked up a set of shmancy beeswax candles here. They were super easy to roll up and look lovely in our store bought wreath that I didn't have to make. And you know what? I make a lot of stuff: Christmas stockings, blankets, scarves, cookies. I'm tired. Oh, and yesterday? Well, last year my generous in-laws passed down their old tree to us. I like our little tree, and it's still up in the attic, but I have a baby, and babies need big trees. Well, that's what Iggy told me anyway. So we brought the tree down and discovered that 1. the stand was missing and 2. none of the lights were working. So off to the hardware store we went to buy a stand and a fancy tool that tells you where the broken lights are. The stand worked, but we quickly realized that none of the lights were in good condition. We spent four hours of our life de-stringing a giant pre lit tree. Our hands hurt. Word of advice, do not let pineapple juice get on your tore up hands. Ouchies. 

And I don't need any flack from you (Marco)! I considered making our advent wreath. Like straight up buying the greens and cutting the ribbon. But today I told Ian that he needed to pack up that chubby baby, and drive me to the local Catholic goods store and buy me a darn advent wreath. 

 Do not go peeking in those boxes unless you want to be utterly disappointed. They are empty and simply there for show.

But there she is in all her faux greenery glory. The food was real. We ate and drank to family traditions and happy babies.