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Squash and Squishy Babies

Jacqui Skemp1 Comment
So that crazy acorn squash? Ate. It.

Two years ago, when we were real-real newlyweds, Ian worked at a few farmers markets and would bring bags and bags of produce home. Like a ton. I mean, more tomatoes than I could handle. He brought home all kinds of crunchy, white folk farmers market goodness. And I don't know if it's a midwest thing, or a non-my family thing or what, but I hadn't even seen an acorn squash up close. I'm pretty confident when it comes to cooking. Arrogant at times. But that stupid squash came home in his bag a few times, and I would set it in a bowl because it was pretty but it kind of intimidated me. Ian told me to just cut one in half and bake it with butter and sugar. Too simple. Not interested. I think he ate a whole one by himself. So there they sat, those pretty little squashes. A few months later, into to the trash they went.

I have redeemed myself. This year, Ian started working the farmers markets again and guess what came home. So I asked around, and used handy dandy Pinterest. Bam. This. Acorn squash stuffed with yummy stuffs.

I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I hate olives, so we didn't even have any on hand, which is sad for Ian because he loves them. But he didn't even know they were called for. Sneaks. I also added a bell pepper, and I ended up baking the squash But that's mainly because I didn't realize that this squash doesn't get soft like butternut squash or yams. I was expecting yams, ya'll!

On a side note, it's National Baby Wearing Week. It's a week of granola-mamas showing off their babies. I wont get into all the benefits of babywearing, but I know that Iggy loves it, and so do Ian and I. It really makes life easier and enjoyable for all of us. Here's some squishy cuteness.