Mexican Domestic Goddess


Jacqui SkempComment
I'm impressed. A whoppin' 51 views of this little blog, and all I've got is "testingtestingtesting" going on. Thanks.

I suppose I should actually start posting on this thing. I don't know what I've been waiting for. Maybe this moment? I'm sitting here in my classy yoga shorts (I didn't even know those were a thing until this summer- they have never seen "yoga") I'm rocking the tiniest ponytail, and I have spray paint on my feet. Don't ask. But the hubsters and babe are asleep, and I'm still a night owl and this is when crap gets done, folks! Like this post. Sorry.

So... introductions? Maybe later. If you're reading this you probably already know who I am. I'll tell ya one thing though: I cook barefooted with a cute baby on my hip, and I guess that's what makes me a domestic goddess of sorts.