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Blogging Attempts

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It's been a long time since I've attempted to document life, and I'm so freakin' rusty. I've never been disciplined enough to keep a journal, and the closest thing to keeping any record of my exciting life has been email exchanges with a dear friend. I don't think I've sent her a long email since I was pregnant. And that was ages ago. I have since lost 0lbs, but I have gained a fat baby. He's not that fat, but he is heavy. He's also rather noisy. He grunts, and tosses and turns, and opens his eyes, and smiles and laughs and cries in his sleep. I think this kid is more active in his sleep than during his waking periods. A lot like his papa.
(jazz hands)

I'm currently sorting through Have you used it before? It's amazing and scary as hell all at the same time. You can see progress that you're making on financial goals, and you also see red high lighting when you've spent over your budget. I recently discovered that they have this nice little edit button where I can ignore said alerts, and I use it often. Thank you very much. Being a newly(ish)wed couple, living on one teachers income has it's budgeting challenges. So we do our best to tell our money where to go.

(prepping an insane amount of chicken soup)

We've been hosting missionaries these past two weeks, and it's been really nice. I've become very sentimental about my year on the road. I was so naive and excited. What a dweebo. The three girls who have are staying with us have been loving Iggy and he's proven to be a major flirt. Trouble. It's nice to have an extra set of arms to hold him when I want to, I dunno, shower? I've also had the opportunity to cook for them, which is fun because I haven't cooked for more than two people in a while. I learned how to cook for larger groups, and I've spent the last several years ruining dishes because I'm trying to cut them down and I keep messing up the stupid proportions. But tonight? 3 cups o' rice.

(Iggy and el rubber ducky)