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12 in 2014

Jacqui Skemp5 Comments
I'm joining Dwija for the annual 12 in 2014 photo link up

Here we go! 

We started the year by escaping the winter and flying to California to visit my family. We spent as much time as we could outside and loved every minute of it. 

We came back to the reality of winter. But we made cookies, and planned vegetable gardens. And Annie came to visit, and that might have been the highlight of our winter. 

Ian was on spring break so we hit up a few museums, took an overnight trip sans Iggy, and I got some blogging in thanks to an extra set of hands around. 

We celebrated my 30th birthday, and Easter and looked forward to warmer weather. 

We finally got our garden in, I opened my Etsy shop, and I wrote Iggy's last monthly updated

June was jam packed! We celebrated Iggy's first birthday not once, but twice! We also celebrated our third wedding anniversary and Father's Day. I wrote about our garden and we spent a weekend in Iowa for a friends priestly ordination. I also kind of met Francine from Bella Vita Dolce in Iowa. Then we started packing for our five week trip to California and Mexico.

I don't even know where to begin with July. It was so, so, so wonderful. We spent time enjoying our family and friends in California. Iggy fell in love with In-n-Out and the garden hose. He also spent a ridiculous amount of time in the baby pool my mom bought him. You can read all about our summer vacation and Mexico trip here

August began a period of practically no blogging for me. But we did come back to a crazy out of control garden that gave us one million tomatoes. 

We spent September enjoying the near by park. I also enjoyed laying on the couch because all day nausea thanks to the itty bitty person growing inside of me. 

We had one of the most beautiful Octobers I have ever experienced. We also announced that a new Skemp baby was on his or her way come spring of 2015. 

November was incredibly cold and dreary. Iggy last all of 10 minutes in the snow. So...

We spent the end of December in California with my family. While Ian is returning for work, Iggy and I have almost three more weeks of California sunshine to soak up.

It's been a good year and we are looking forward to what 2015 holds for us.