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Vegetable Garden 2015

Jacqui Skemp3 Comments
It's that time of year again. Minnesota teased us with several warmish days a couple of weeks ago and it prompted me to have Ian bring down all of my seed starting stuff down from the attic. This will be our third summer at our current residence, and our second year with a garden. Last year we got the go ahead from our landlord to build a small raised garden bed, and we planted many things which I covered in this post. I also want to apologize for how boring this post is going to be. I really just want to record our gardening progress. 

This year I picked up a few new seed packets, but mostly I'm using the same ones I had from last years garden. 

These tomatoes worked out really well for us, so I'll be growing them again. Except I think I need to place the Yellow Pear and Sweetie plants behind the rest of the tomato plants. They got crazy and grew over a lot of our other plants and I think ultimately led to the demise of my poor Incas Hybrid plant.

The only plants I didn't grow from seed last year were two variety of Zebra tomatoes. We had both a red and a green zebra tomato plant and they were incredibly beautiful and delicious. I'm going to try my hand at starting the Green Zebra from seed this year, and I picked up what looks like a rather promising Pineapple variety.

Now, on to some plants that I started last year that did terribly. The Tomatillo plants never even sprouted. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I love them and I want them in my garden. I've got the seeds in a starter kit, but if they don't take I'll just look for a plant once the weather is warmer.

The Jalapeño, Cayenne, Serrano, and Sweet Pepper plants all grew into beautiful seedlings and seemed to be doing well in the garden once they were transplanted. But I think those darn tomato plants covered them and kept away some much needed sun. So I'm thinking of transplanting them into separate containers and see if they fair better that way. Any tips or suggestions? I'm all ears.

Our yellow squash plant started out looking really well, but it eventually gave up and died. I think it gave us about three or four squash and they would get to be about 4 inches long before they started to rot. I let them grow on the dirt, so I don't know if that was the problem, but I want to try them again this year. The lemon cucumbers were super cute and gave us a ton of produce, but we just didn't eat them. I want to try them again and see if we can actually use them. I think our problem was that we just weren't sure when to pick them.

My mother-in-law gave me this packet of basil seeds, and I thought I had planted them, but I guess I never did. I plan on putting them in a small container and see how they do on our porch.

We did cucumbers last year and they were super successful! So I'll be growing them again this year. We also eat a lot of summer squash, so I hope these take and do better than the yellow ones did last year.

I tried growing mint, and two basil variety last year. While they did sprout up and looked okay, they never really took off. I had better luck buying a small plant from Trader Joe's and sticking that in a pot. So I'm not sure if I'll even try my hand at these this year. If you've had better luck with any of these could you tell me what your secret is?

I was so, so bummed that these beans didn't work out last year. I think my first mistake was starting them in a kit indoors. I tried to do a second crop directly in the garden mid-summer and while they started to climb up the trellis we made, they would get about 12 inches high and start to die off. Too much sun? Not enough water? Do I need magic beans? Help.

I'm excited but have low expectations for these. I mean, look! Aren't they beautiful!? I'm going to start these directly in the ground as suggested. If you have any experience growing carrots or beets from seed please share your experience with me. I want to be realistic, but I really hope these work out.

And lastly a few plants of the floral variety. I planted these morning glories in a container on our porch, and by late summer they were beautiful and growing over the railing and looked lovely.

Another inspiration from my mother-in-law. She grows these Chinese Lanterns in her garden and I've loved seeing them the last few years. She eventually cuts them and brings them indoors and they look so beautiful dry. I haven't decided if I want to try these in a container or put them directly in the ground. Space is a limited around these here parts. 

And finally, these sweet beauties. I miss home, and my friends Jose and Veronica have these in their front yard and I just want to have as much of my California home with me here. I haven't decided if they're going in a container or straight into the ground, but (again) I'm open to suggestions. Fingers crossed for these California Poppies!

What are you growing this year? Do you start plants from seed or do you wait and buy them later in the season? I'll take any tips you have, so please feel free to share.