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7 Quick Takes: Yarn, Tomatoes and a Giraffe

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1. Last Saturday Iggy's tio and tia took him out for his birthday treat. It involved terrifying animals (like this here giraffe) and ice cream.

Granted, he fell asleep in the car on the way there, was tired enough to sleep through the transfer into his stroller. We enjoyed some zoo time with a sleepy baby and then he was up and ready to see the animals. When the giraffe walked by he eased into a serious pout and some major tears. He eventually warmed up to them. To make up for the terrifying experience, his tia bought him some yummy ice cream.

2. I shared this article on my blogs fb page about waiting to find out the sex of your baby. I know it's not a popular choice right now, but we loved waiting to find out. Though, #2 was my main motivation. 

3. Our garden needs to chill out. I'm getting really sick and tired of these disgusting tomatoes

4. Have you been following Blythe's mini series about meeting and marrying her hubby.You can find it here, here and here.

5. Also, are you keeping up with Kate's series "Before I Had a Seven Year Old"? I'm lovin' it. (did you sing that? I always do)

6. I got a new order of yarn in to diversify my Etsy shop Ceci Cebu. I'm hoping to have these in the shop by mid September. Are there any color combos you would like to see?

The yarn is from Knit Picks.

7. Last night a few girlfriends and I went out to celebrate this lady's life. Yummy cocktails and fancy chairs. It was a good night at Marvel.

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Garden Update

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First, this, because oh my goodness how were they ever that small? This is Iggy and his buddy Johnny, who makes a cameo in the previous post. This was almost exactly a year ago. Can I go cry now? Ok. 

Two weeks ago Ian and I gathered our supplies, and set up our first garden. I watched this video about 3,000 times:

We used a 2x10x8 and a 2x10x8, had each of them cut in half and built a 4x6 foot garden. The hardest part of it all was digging up the grass. Fortunately, Ian's family loves Iggy and we were able to drop him off there for the day. I got a nice base tan and a garden, so I'm pretty happy with how that day went. 

It took a few tries, and Ian didn't complain because he's a really kind person, but we finally got the garden level. We added a few posts to secure chicken wire around the box, and I made a weak looking bamboo/twine structure for our plants to climb up. I think that will need to be reinforced at some point.

And we planted things! Here's what's in the garden this year:

  • Beef steak tomato 
  • Incas hybrid tomato
  • Sweetie tomato
  • Yellow pear tomato
  • Red zebra tomato
  • Green zebra tomato
  • Tequila sunrise peppers
  • Serrano peppers
  • Jalapeño peppers
  • Cayenne peppers
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Green cucumbers
  • Lemon Cucumbers
  • Summer Squash
  • Sweet Basil
  • Genovese Basil

I'm most excited about the zebra tomatoes and lemon cucumbers. Ian brought home a lemon cucumber from the farmers market a summer or two ago and I was weirded out by it. He liked it though, and I gave it a try. It's yellow and round like a lemon, and has a slight lemon flavor. You can just slice it and eat it. Though, I will probably drown it in lime juice and sprinkle salt and chili powder on it like I do to all my other fruits and veggies.

Here are some action shots because who doesn't love watching plants grow?

Sugar snap peas. I think I planted too many.

I started these inside so they are already giving lots of goodies to us.

Imma eat you

One of the basil plants
I started one plant inside, and then thought I should add more seeds. I accidentally dumped the whole bag so we'll see how this goes.

Yellow cucumbers. Again with the over planting. I might need to thin these guys out.

A cucumber close up

The tomatoes

If you care to take a look, I have an unrealistic gardening board on Pinterest. Click here.

Garden Update

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Surprise, no garden pictures. But I do have garden goodies. I also have an Iggy that's sprouting up.

I didn't know how my seeds would do, so I planted one million tomatoes of different varieties. A few small ones, several beef steak and something called an Incas Hybrid that looks a lot like a roma tomato but is of the plum tomato family. I have a few sweet peppers, jalapeños, and serranos going as well. Oh, and some basil. 

A couple of weeks have passed since I snapped these photos and all of the plants are currently residing outside permanently as of this passed weekend. Before that I would take them out for a couple of hours each day the first week, and then a little longer each day the second week. I gave three plants to my mother-in-law (also known as Nana), and I repotted a few for some family members who will be moving back this summer. 

tomatoes and jalapeños 
I really love plants, and have a few house plants. Okay, lies. I have about 10 house plants. Ian would probably call me out on that. I haven't grown plants from seed since I was a child, and it's been really fun to watch them grow. For a while these little guys shared a room with Iggy since his room is the warmest and sunniest in the apartment. I would pick him up in the morning and we would make sure everything was growing as it should. I think he liked it. Or maybe he thought his momma was crazy for talking to her "other babies".

I also planted a few morning glorys. They look really pretty here, but I think I've killed them. I'll post an updated picture soon and maybe someone can help me identify the problem. I kept them in the shade mostly, but I wonder if it was too cold. Or maybe I overwatered them. They sprouted up quickly, so I don't think it's too late to add them to the mix. 

I had a similar problem with my sugar snap peas, and after transplanting them to larger pots I read that they do not handle transplanting well. I have a few extra seeds and when our garden is built and ready in the next couple of weeks, I'll plant some more. Oh, and I have a random pot with a cucumber plant. It's starting to search for something to climb so I'm hoping this garden can be completed soon!

baby basil

Again, I would love to hear about other gardening experiences, and gladly accept any wisdom.