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Answer Me This

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Kendra at Catholic All Year tagged me to answer this weeks questions, which was super mean of her because I'm on vacation. What gives, girl!? I kid. 

If you make it through this post I will take you out for a donut.

1. What's your favorite thing on Youtube?

So I just saw Kendra's answer to this question, and I wish I could say it was the same, but it's not. I did get a good laugh out of it though, because it's one of my husbands favorite videos. I logged into YouTube to see what videos I usually watch. Surprise, surprise, Ian was right. Plenty of cloth diapering tutorials and reviews. A sprinkle of bonsai tree tutorials (it was a phase that last until I realized it takes years to grow them) and a few crochet tutorials. But this. This is what I love to watch over and over:

I cannot do impersonations for the life of me, but Ian is great at it, and he is quoting this video all the time. Love.

2. Who taught you to drive?
My grandpa and my uncle taught me how to drive in Mexico. It was great. No rules, so I couldn't break them. jk. 

Right before I started college my grandpa helped me figure out a route to school that didn't involve the freeway (which was terrifying for a newbie driver in southern California). We spent a week driving to the school once each day. About a month into the semester, I got up the nerve to drive on to the freeway by myself. I have nothing exciting to report except that I felt like I was the shit.

3. What’s your favorite thing to cook?
All. The. Things. I really love to cook Mexican dishes. Rice. Beans. The simple stuff. My moms albondigas recipe is my absolute favorite. Super simple and it's easy to make a lot. Since there are only two of us adults, I usually make a big batch, save some for the week and freeze the rest. It comes in handy on those days where my brain is too tired to think up something for dinner. 

4. Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? Why?
Hugger all the way. Before I moved to Minnesota whenever I greeted or said goodbye to friends or family I always did it with a hug and a kiss. It's just what everyone did. My Minnesota friends don't really do that. Not that it doesn't happen at all, but it's not common. I miss it. 

I like physical touch. When I'm sitting next to a friend on the couch I usually tuck my feet under their legs if they're not weirded out by that. I like to lean into to people when we're sitting near each other. And I've had to learn to not smack people when I'm laughing. 

5. Where do you pray best?
I pray best in the early morning hours when I know Ian will take care of Iggy and I can sit with a cup of coffee in a cozy chair in our living room. I like silence. I need it to hear Him.

6. When is the last time you saw/spoke to your grandparents?
An hour ago. We're staying at my maternal grandparents house here in Mexico. We've been here for a little over two weeks and we're leaving today. There will be many tears. My fathers parents passed away about 20 years ago. I didn't get to spend much time with them, but I miss them dearly. My dad is such a good man, and I know they had to be amazing people to have raised him to be who he is. 

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Answer Me This (link up)

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Guys, I love a good blog prompt. Because brain is tired. So this:

1. Do you hate happy clappy church music?
Coming from a parish that had that, I still listen to it occasionally when I'm alone (thought not so much the happy flappy 70's stuff as much as the "contemporary" stuff). I don't like it much in the liturgy. We actually go to a parish that has wonderfully preserved the sacred music tradition of the Church. We don't hear it much now that we go to the 7:30am EF low mass now.  

2. What is your priority: eating or sleeping?
Ah, the great debate. Sleep eating? I pick food. I love food. I hate eating alone, though I'm often doing it. Sharing a meal around the table with family or good friends is my favorite thing to do. Ever. 

3. What type of milk do you drink in your house?
We drink 2% because I feel guilty drinking whole. But now that Iggy will be drinking whole milk soon, Imma get in on that goodness. Yums. We also have vanilla almond milk because I like to soak chia seeds in it. I also am trying to cut out some dairy. That's why I have half and half in my coffee every morning. 

4. What is a book that changed your perspective on something?
I know this is a book a lot of people read in junior high or high school, and I know it's not a masterpiece, but it has stuck with me since I read it over 15 years ago. 

It's a quick read, and I would like to pick it up again soon. If you haven't read it, you should because you can probably get it done in an afternoon. It's a beautiful story about the human desire for freedom and the reality that with that freedom comes not only pain but great joy. I read it at a time in my life where I life where I faced Truth and had to decide how to respond, because I simply could not ignore it.

5. Who is your favorite saint?
In recent years, I've really taken to St. Josemaria Escriva, thanks to a couple of Veronica's and certain Jose that I know. I was fortunate to have visited the house he founded in Rome and venerate his relics a few years back when I was there studying (but not really studying- I'm the worst student). Why is he my favorite? Because his writings point to the areas of heart that need to be exposed to the light. 

6. Introvert or extrovert?
Hmm. I would say introvert. My first reaction to group gatherings is always to decline the invitation, without a real reason. I like my alone time, it's how I recharge. I love my friends and family and I love spending time with them, but if I can get a whole day to myself: heaven.

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