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Eleven Months

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Just a week late this time. 

I can't believe you're eleven months old. I never understood mothers who said that time just flew by. I'm glad I took their advice… I have held you, and cuddled with you, and enjoyed your sweet disposition as much as I possibly can. And I still can't get enough of you. 

This month you started to crawl. You've been getting around pretty well army crawling, but I think after spending lots of time with one of your buddies and observing his skills, you've finally decided to crawl and you love it.

You've also been pulling yourself up on all sorts of things and making your way around the living room. You absolutely love to hold on to my fingers (or anyones fingers) and be walked around. I bet you'll be walking soon. But you might just start to run first. 

You love all your grandparents and aunts and uncles, and crack up when they play games with you. You like to knock over towers that are built for you, and you enjoy a good board book. You really love to listen to grandpa play the guitar and you're mastering the piano. Or so I've heard. 

You recognize grandma and grandpa when we FaceTime with them all the way from California. You squeal and laugh every time you see them. 

Your favorite foods recently are still beans of any kind. You like cheerios, chicken, blueberries and egg yolks. 

We didn't think you would have any teeth for your first birthday, but you surprised us! Two teeth in a week, and we suspect that you have another pair on the way soon.

You made it eleven months before your first ear infection. But it's here, and you are letting us know that you need lots of cuddles and snuggles to help you through it.

You are the joy of our lives, Ignatius.

Eight Months

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Late again, but that's my modus operandi. Iggy has now been in the womb and out of the womb an equal amount of time. Good for you, bud. This month Iggy traveled to California for the second time in his life. He's a fancy traveling baby.

Iggy's biggest accomplishment this month: sitting. It makes this momma happy. I can set him down with his bin of toys, and he takes them all out and turns the bin over and plays it like a drum. Drums are serious business. 

He enjoys a mean bowl of applesauce, and is warming up to avocados. I was worried because he was making the most disgusted faces, but he seemed more interested the last time he had some.

Iggy still loves our version of peak-a-boo, which involves waving a blanket over his head. Easiest game ever.

We've had some sleeping challenges this month, which are probably more typical of an infant, but strange for us. We had been spoiled with a baby who slept about 8-10 hours straight through the night, but lately that has not been the case. Have you seen these bags under my eyes?

Things got pretty intense the other night, and lets just say someone slept in his stroller. 

I guess someone thought that was pretty funny. 

Growing Baby

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I almost titled this post "Baby Growing" which would have been misleading, because I am not currently doing any baby growing. That was so last year.

Iggy was born a month early, so I'm being really lenient when I say he hit the 5 month mark last weekend. I'm proud of him. He's gone from doing this all of the time:

To this: 

He smiles and laughs, loves to play peek-a-boo, and loves his daddy even more. Thanks for the smile, Iggy.

Iggy is a very assertive baby, and he decided to be a bear for halloween because, as his father put it, bears are natures superheroes. Ferocious. 

Like many babies these days, Iggy is in love with his Sophie the Giraffe. But this baby has another Sophie in his life: his Tia Sophia. Flirt. 

Iggy has also taken up the banjo... as a teething toy. Basically everything has become a teething toy. His pacifier, his sleeves, his moms fingers, his blankets. But no teething toys, really. Aside from Sophie the Giraffe. 

And he likes to dance lying down.