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Annual Pilgrimage

Third Annual Summer Pilgrimage

Jacqui SkempComment

As the title so subtly suggests, this was our third year driving down to La Crosse, Wisconsin to make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. So here's a recap/7 Quick Takes guide for ya. 

How to vacation with your friends and your gaggle of children: 

1. Start off with donuts and mimosas at your friends house, but arrive ridiculously late because #toddlers. Grab over priced lattes before hitting the road because it isn't vacation if you don't. 


2. Expect there to be much screaming for a couple of hours while you're all in your respective cars. Text each other to make sure you're all equally miserable. 


3. Arrive at your destination approximately 45 seconds after confessions end so you won't be able to make it that day. It's okay, they'll be hearing them tomorrow. Instead wander the grounds and pray your children don't roll down a hill. 


4. Race through the Divine Mercy Chaplet because the children are screaming for more gummies. Try your best to get a few cute photos of the cranky kids because it's cute damnit. 


5. Order a couple of cheap pizzas, stick the kids in a hotel room and let them tear the place apart. Then toss them in the pool (with floaters, of course) and wait until your eyes are burning from the cholrine before dragging them back to the hotel room. 


6. Wait for all the babies to fall asleep, prop open your hotel room doors, and sit with your friends on the floor and eat snacks and drink booze. Well done, everyone. 


7. Wake up and make sure your kids don't eat the pancakes that they requested at the hotel restaurant. Then rush off to confession and mass and make it to your cars before the inevitable fatigue induced meltdowns begin. You did it! 

This is the first year we got a whole group shot, and I don't know why it took us so long to do this but I hope we continue to document our families each year.

Year I

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