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I Did It!

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Day 7 of the 7 days of blogging and this well runs dry, this cup is empty, we've hit the bottom of the barrel, my brain is fried. Fin.

I've learned a few things along the way.

1. I am just as much of a procrastinator now as I was in college.

2. I'm obsessed with this blog post about The Bachelor.

3. I love lists.

So here's a weekend recap, because I'm sleepy.

We finally got around to celebrating Ian's birthday with friends. I made the enchiladas and Anna made the cake.

That is not Anna. This is Anna.

And these two got crazy with the matching jammies.

Because matching jams are the funniest.

Oh, and because I'm really dunzo, I'm just going to plug my friend's blog. 

Anna over at Knit One, Yarn Over is starting a series of posts called the NICU Diaries. The blogging community has provided me so much support through the loss of our first child and my own struggles in motherhood. I am so grateful for the woman who have put their hearts and stories out. Their vulnerability helped me realize I was not alone in my own struggles. 

So if you had a child who spent time in the NICU and you're willing to share your journey, please head over to Anna and she'll be collecting stories to share. 

Nine Months

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Dear Ignatius,

This month you have mastered sitting. And generally you really love to sit and play and are not okay with laying on your back unless someone is waving a blanket above you because that's just the coolest thing ever.

Little man, you have so much personality. You've got your mommas temper and your papas inquisitive nature. Sorry about the temper… I'm hoping you learn to mellow out a bit.

You are incredibly generous with your smiles, and people love it. We can hardly go anywhere without you singling out someone that you're so excited to see. You've got a gift for making people feel special. 

You also started doing this thing that your Nino Marco used to do when he was a baby! You clench your fists and jaw and you kind of shake your head. We called them "corajes", but they're less like little temper tantrums and more like you can't handle the excitement and you just tense up. It's hilarious and I love seeing you do it. 

You love hide and seek, playing chase with mommy and daddy and you recently started to pull yourself up on your knees and I'm wondering if crawling is going to happen soon. This week you pulled yourself up in your crib and I was so surprised to see you do that! You are pretty proud of yourself and you love practicing this new skill. 

It makes me a little sad that you're not so little anymore, but I love watching you grow, baby boy.

Five Favorites: Baby Things

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I'm joining Hallie over at Moxie Wife and sharing some of my five favorite baby things. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that I love me some baby wearing. I have several different types of carries, all of which are great for different situations. But the easiest and most used of my carriers are my slings. I hate to admit it, but I have a single layer linen, a double layer linen and a couple of silk slings. The single layer doesn't get as much use anymore because of Mr. Back Archer, so I usually go to my double layer or silk. The double layer has probably seen the least amount of use. I usually recommend to my friends, if you're already going to drop this kind of money on a sling just go for the gold and get a silk. They're so easy to get on and off, and I always have one rolled up and tucked in my diaper bag. I've even used it when Iggy's slept on my chest to free up my arms to do important things, like scroll through Instagram. 

I purchased four of these to start and eventually added four 9 ounce bottles to our collection. They are glass with a silicone cover. They can go from the freezer to boiling water (not that I've ever had to do that), and they have three different caps. You have a ring cap with the nipple, a flat cap and a sippy cap. So they really grow with your baby. I've also used them to transport blueberries because squishy berries are yuck.

I tried two different diaper bags before trying this one. I got a pretty amazing deal on mine, and I love it. I like that it's tall and narrow because 1. it keeps me from over packing and 2. it fits in all kinds of places. I was initially worried that I would need a huge diaper bag to fit all of our cloth diapering things, but I have not had any problem with this bag. On an ordinary day I have about 4-5 diapers, two covers, a wet bag, a change of clothes, a couple of toys, two bottles, extra formula, a small container of rice puff snacks, a ring sling and my clutch tucked into this here bag. Mary Poppins, ya'll. Oh, and it has these nifty little straps so you can attach it to your stroller handles. 

I've been trying to establish this a sort of lovie for Iggy. He hasn't expressed any real attachment, but this bunny stays with him for every nap and bedtime. My sisters gifted it to Iggy at a baby shower. It's super soft, and very sweet. He does like to play with the ears a bit as he drifts off to sleep. 

I can't even explain these. He goes nuts over them. He likes to have one to chew on. He likes when I link up a million together and rattles them like crazy. They've been great for keeping certain toys attached to a shopping cart so he doesn't lose them. And recently he started playing "the Hulk" and tears apart the chain. What a strong baby.