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We started the new year with a frigid walk in southern Minnesota, which was ten degrees warmer than it was in the Twin Cities, where there was a high of 6 degrees.

We started the new year with a frigid walk in southern Minnesota, which was ten degrees warmer than it was in the Twin Cities, where there was a high of 6 degrees.

Inspired by Tsh at The Art of Simple, I’m going to dust off this blog and get back into more regular and frequent writing for my own sake and maintain it as a creative outlet.

When I first started this most recent blog, it was after years and years of reading other blogs, and wanting to document our growing family. It soon started to feel like a rat race to get sponsorships and numbers, and not that anything is wrong with that, but I’ve realized that’s not me and what I want for my particular space on the internet. So a couple of years ago (after hosting a blogging conference no less) I took a big step back from writing here, and decided to focus the little creative energy I had into my work for Blessed Is She.

My baby is almost 2, and this is the longest I’ve gone post-baby without a new one on the way, and while sleep is still rare it’s getting better. We also haven’t moved in two years, and with no move in sight, I’m letting myself settle deeper into our home and making it a beautiful place of refuge. I would love to share more about that process here. There won’t be any big before and after’s because the budget wont allow for it. But slow progress is progess and I’m finding that our financial limitations allow me to really think about what I want our space to look like without jumping the gun and then hating the choice.

So let’s start off the year with a few good things that I’m enjoying right now:

  • I’ve been playing a lot of Ray LaMontagne lately, and he just does not disappoint. Ever. He can do no wrong, musically anyway. One of my guilty pleasures is The Voice, and last year this gal did an amazing cover of Jolene and it is well worth the listen.

  • Over Christmas break Ian and I watched Derry Girls on Netflix, and goodness it’s good. Hilarious, smart, and sweet. I need to watch with subtitles because my ears are not good with non-American english, so kuddos to you if you don’t need them. There is only one season and six short episodes, but they are gold. Line after line of gold. I’m ready to rewatch it.

  • I’m finally reading “Four Seasons in Rome” by Anthony Doerr who also wrote “All the Light We Cannot See”. I read the “All the Light” a couple of years ago and it changed something in me. While this is a memoir and not a novel, his writing is still magical. I spent a semester in Rome, and think of it often, but his writing took me right back there. I remember the cold of the stone under the soles of my shoes, and the way Rome smelled in the early mornings. I need to finish it because I really want Ian to read it, not necessarily for the bits on Rome, but the sleep deprivation part. He’s been there. Still is, poor guy.

  • In early December I got to chat with Tsh from The Art of Simple on her podcast. I shared the link elsewhere and joked about dropping some long Minnesotan O’s, and (shocker) none of my Minnesotan friends could hear it. My family in California has been teasing me about it for years.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Hoping to share more with you here soon.