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A Family Visit

Jacqui SkempComment

It was a bit of a surprise, but due to the stars aligning so, my parents and grandparents were able to visit us this spring. The weather was cool and cloudy most of the time, and while I wish it had been sunnier, the milder climate allowed for longer walks around our neighborhood.


My grandparents and parents love gardening, so they came at the perfect time. Our late spring meant the tulips were in full bloom, lilacs on the edge of flowering, and they got to see that magnificent evolution of bright green buds on the trees turning into lush greenery.


More importantly they got to spend time with my boys, and my boys with them. My grandma is… fiesty. Victor found his match in her, and it was something else to see them half scold each other all day. I kept Iggy home for a couple of days so we could spend a long weekend together. We did some sightseeing, gardening, grilling, and I took them to my favorite place in Minnesota, the Arboretum. The apple blossoms were at their peak, tulips put on a big show, and Archie almost scared my grandma to death when we ran across the road.

The best part of it all? They want to come back, and I am all about it. Next time, I hope they're here for the autumn color show.