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When the baby naps...

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Well, that has to have been my longest blogging break. It doesn't seem as long to me because I'm always starting posts in my head, but then, who has the time? Not me, says me. 

I've seen a few other of my old faves start posting more (and I mean this in the nicest way) ordinary posts. No announcements, sales, or deep thoughts, just good ol' here's-what-we're-doing-in-life-right-now posts.

In November we celebrated a whole year of living in our house. To anyone new around here, you can read about our rental and moving story here, here, and here.  It feels weird to not be planning and prepping for another move. I finally committed to painting the dining room, and it's definitely not a rental color choice. 

I spent the winter hibernating and loved it. I made sure to get out for walks with the boys a few times a week, but I really enjoyed a period of not having to go out and do so many things. I realized at the beginning of winter that for years we had been living in places where due to our neighbors we couldn't be home with our kids all day. I soaked in this restful period. Lots of organizing closets and cabinets, finding a good rhythm with the boys, and just enjoying our home. 

Spring has sprung (finally) and my family is coming for a visit next week, and I know we're several weeks behind in spring, but I do hope my grandma gets to see some of the lilacs in our yard, because last year the show was stunner. 

Last years lilacs 

Last years lilacs 

Oh, I got a bike for my birthday, and today I took the boys our for a ride in the trailer, and it was my first time on a bike in 13 years, and only my second time cycling on real streets ever. I think it will be a good way to break up our days and get me moving a bit more. 

Here's to seeing you sooner rather than later.