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Bundling Up Babies

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments

{this is a follow up post to my Delighting in Winter post}

When Ian and I were newly twitterpated and so obviously settled on each other, we had a very important conversation about where we saw ourselves living a few years down the road. I said something to the effect of being open to living anywhere, except in a climate where I would have to bundle up babies. Biggest joke on me. If you’re new around here, you might notice in my bio that I have several bundles of joy, and I reside in the great state of Minnesota where I bundle them up seven months out of the year.


I am no pro at bundling kids up, being a native southern Californian and all. I haven’t had a child get frostbite or complain too much about the cold when we’re out in it, so I have figured a few things out and I’m going to tell you how to live your life, so hold on to your seats.

When they’re under two, my babies wear a onesie, ribbed footed tights, snug pants, socks and a long sleeve shirt. The key here are the tights because they keep their legs warm when their pants inevitably roll up their legs.


If they’re over two, I find that girl leggings with a tucked in undershirt work well for snowplay under their suits- Old Navy almost always has them on sale. Same goes for mass. The leggings tucked into socks under their nice pants keeps them toasty. Throw on a light fleece or hoodie if their coat doesn’t already have one.

I’ve had really good luck with the Costco snowsuits for all ages, but I also like the Columbia baby snowsuits. My babies don’t keep their mittens on, so I like the suits that fold over at the hands and feet. Big kids get snow pants.

The best boots for little kiddos are Bogs, hands down. Don’t even bother with anything else. Many of them are lined, some are short with a little velcro strap in the back, others are tall and give kids the extra protection when climbing through snowdrifts, but most importantly, they keep little toes dry and warm. I haven’t had to stress about socks, but I would like to get them some nice wool ones. In the meantime, regular socks that can reach over their base layer pant seem to work just fine.

My big boys are wearing these super trapper hats that their nana gifted them last year. They’ve been amazing and warm and, most importantly, stay on their heads. The baby always gets a pilot cap. I like the fleece lined one. They’re great because they tie on, are a snug fit, and fit under hoods, keeping their cheeks and ears warm.

Every year I pick up about 4 pairs of gloves and mittens from Costco for quick trips and walks, but for serious snow play, get the kind of mittens that are thick and water proof and zip up the side or at least are long enough to tuck into their coat sleeves.

That’s all I’ve got! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.